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We may be pride of the quality of our painting, sceneries and battles.

Via this section we want to share it with the rest of the world.


Dead Man's Hand - Lawmen
Waterloo, Part 1
A lone Sharpshooter...
Re-Action 2012. Part 1
Stug III's ready for battle!
Stug III Platoon
Panzer Marsch!
Bring out the guns!
Black Powder ACW Casualty Markers
Winfield Scott Hancock


Work in progress
Belech, painted by Krikke
Darklands madness! Part I
Til Valhall!! Darklands battle report: Ysians vs Norse
Tho's Norse
Tho's Albainn
WIP Khthones Krokodar 2
Krikke's Fomoraic
WIP Khthones Krokodar

Battle Reports

SAGA Ostrogoths vs Vikings
Playing Saga: Ride of the valkyries
Playing Saga: Hunnic invasion!
Wargaming for life @ Winksele
Darklands Battle report: Albainn vs Norse (999 gold)
Darklands Battle report: Khthones vs Albainn (999 gold)
Darklands madness! Part II
Til Valhall!! Darklands battle report: Ysians vs Norse
Battle Report #1: Battle of Cape Matapan


Wargaming for life @ Winksele