Monkeycon 2018 – Clubs

A Wargaming Convention wouldn't be a success when there are only traders. Demo tables and participation games are a must too. 
Therefor we have the support of our fellow wargaming clubs.

Below an overview of the attending clubs and the game(s) they will present:

  • Junior Monkeys
  • Tin Soldiers Antwerpen: Swiss Family Robinson
  • Conectr team: Chosen one 28mm skirmish Napolonics Osprey
  • Conectr team: Mordheim
  • De Witte Ridder: Battle Group WWII 15mm
  • The Brotherhood: Warhammer 6' edition
  • Lodewijcks Peter: Warhammer ancient 15mm / Cowboys
  • Fallen Angels: Guild Ball en Dark Souls
  • Bersikir: Dark Age 28mm
  • Compagnie d'ordonnace
  • Red Barons
  • Gamers Guild: 40K
  • The Hobbtit League: LOTR
  • Les P'tits Soudards (Louis): BG 15mm Ardennen
  • Golden Goblins: Warhammer Fantasy 6th Skirmish Demo/Particpatie spel 
  • Night of the Living Rats
  • Achterhoede: Battle of the Sakarya’ 1921 en met 15 mm
  • Jonas Vanderstraeten: X-Wing
  • Green Knights: 6mm ACW Longstreet
  • League des Gentlements
  • Hired Guns: Battle Group Kusk
  • Worean: 15mm Fire and Fury