Monkeycon 2017 – Bolt Action Tournament


"The Dyle line must hold" will be organised during Monkeycon. This latter is a two day event in the center of Belgium. More specific in the Warotzaal, Warotstraat, 3020 Herent. 


On saturday the 3th of June 9h - 18h. "The Dyle line must hold" is just one day, but participants are always welcome to visit the rest of Monkeycon. Depending of the amount of registrations we will play 3-4 rounds.


Pre registrations are mandatory. Registrations will be closed the 21st of May. You can register yourself via the online tool on our website.

A ticket for the tournament will cost you €10, this contains not only the participation to the tournament but also two days entrance to the rest of Monkeycon. 
Whenever you are wanting to participate also on our SAGA tournament that will be organised on sunday the 4th of June (9h-18h), then you can buy a Combi Tournament Ticket for 12.5€.

The amount of participants is capped on 24 persons. Whenever we receive less the 8 registrations the tournament will be canceled. In this case we will inform the registered persons by email and refund your money. 


Players must use a 1000 points late war force, consisting of one or more Reinforced Platoons, as presented in the Bolt Action rulebook.

To encourage painted armies, we will use "fully painted" as first tie-breaker.