SAGA Ostrogoths vs Vikings

SAGA Ostrogoths vs Vikings
Mission : Around the camp fire

Both armies had been drinking, maybe too much... The men start to celebrate the victory when the time came to divide the spoils.....

Both armies deploy and are ready for a bloody combat !!! Dentoric, a famous Goth war chief guides his men into combat. The casualties in the Northmen their ranks are high. But they can stabilize the fight and please their gods with Gothic blood.

The Goths call in some help from Hunnic archers who joined their ranks. " Death from above !!! ". After the storm of arrows the Northmen units are outnumbered and weak. Dentoric seize the initiative and kills the enemy warlord, hearthguard and berserker on his warpath.

He spare the lives from the Northmen levies. A group of young men who will return for revenge....

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