Darklands madness! Part I

Darklands madness! Part I

Darklands is getting a firm grip on our gaming club. Everyone is making army lists, studying the rulebook and thinking about wich tactics to use:

Bulens: Painting and collecting Khthones Gorgonar realm
Davve:  Painting and collecting Brythoniaid
Krikke:  Painting and collecting Ysians, Fomoraic and Byzantii
Tho:      Painting and collecting Albainn and Norse
Beire:    Painting and collecting Jutes, Norse and Khthones Krokodar realm

Davve’s Brythoniaid Dyndraig test:

Tho’s amazing Albainn:

Krikke is tackling Krull, he’s going to be awesome!

I  purchased Gaanh, I just love this miniature!

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