Marching through the fields of glory… 1

  I really got to make some kind of schedule because my initial planning always seem to get fubar’ed. I was hoping to start my Berdan Sharpshooters or my Iron Brigade but thanks to an eager gaming buddy I started basing my first 3 ACW-regiments. He really wants to play some ACW and I still have so much work to do… I need to paint up one more regiment, base about 30 trees, alot of Renedra worm fences need some paint and what’s a battle without artillery… right, i need to do those too. 
  I’m quite happy with the basing of my figures. Working in a lab has some advantages, like… sieving sand to different fractions. 1mm, 0.5mm, etc… no need to buy those overprices basing grit packages! I use Vallejo White Pumice flocked with some small and medium sized grit. Basecoat is Vallejo 872, Chocolat Brown, then a heavy drybrush of Flat Earth 983, a medium drybrush of Light Brown 929, light drybrush of 914 Green Ochre and then some touches of Iraqi Sand.
  The Grass Tufts are from Silfor, they are summer tufts. The single colored ones and the 2-color ones. I also used some summer-flowers. For my Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg i’m gonna use Late Fall tufts, long and medium sized ones. A pictures of that one will be up shortly.

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