Advance the colors! Advance the colors! Charge!

“I doubt whether it had an equal, and certainly no superior among all the regiments of the Army of the Potomac.”

The next regiment is ready… The 5th New York, one of the most famous units of the American Civil War.

  I’ve done the basing and tufts the same way as the previous regiment, only for the flags I tried some tips from one of my followers. To be honest, it didn’t work out like I have hoped 🙁 But many thanks for the tips, MiniMike!

  They turned out pretty good i think, while finishing these i had some ideas for the 6th (and probably last) regiment. I’m thinking to go with the 1st Minnesota Volunteers. They entered hell at Gettysburg and few returned from it, only to receive eternal glory.

“Not only were men wounded, or killed, they were riddled.”

  For some good history on the 5th NY, check out this site. It has everything you need to know about these colourful troops. Here are some more picies, enjoy!

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