My armies, part 2: Flames of War 3

Fellow wargamers,

Hard times are upon us! We must secure our future by adding more troops to our armies. So here you go, some troops from my Flames of War German Army, Mid-War Eastern Front. I can field them as Panzer Grenadiers or normal grenadiers.

First up, my Company HQ, together with an Iron Cross 😉

Next are some Panzer Grenadiers, they came out a little dark so next time some more dry-brushing. Also the Half-Tracks are missing, they’re still being completed.
Next up is the Bunker Flak, Also know as ‘Bufla’. Not so common, part of mid-war monsters. The concept is nice; 88mm Flak gun on a Half-Track. You gotta love the Germans…

One of my favourite Tank Hunters; The Marder II. Pak40 gun on a  Panzer II chassis. Low Armored but deadly. 4 of these will do the trick.
What? No Tiger you say? Okay, here it goes. The Tiger. I don’t really like this tank, i love the Panther much more but in Flames of War you just gotta put one on the table if you got one. 🙂

Next time i’ll show you a Imperial Roman “test”-legionary. The first of many, for their name is Legion.

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