A Christmas gift… before Christmas

Voila, I finally bought me a Dremel. It was on my to-buy list for a long time now and there was one in promotion for 85€ with a holding stand and flexible thingy, so i couldn’t let this pass. It’s an early Christmas present from my family-in-law. If they ask ‘what’s it for?’ i’ll just answer i need it for putting the finishing touch on our someday-to-be-finished-renovated home!
This will come in handy for those pesky metal mini’s i bought from Redoubt. I tested it a couple minutes ago on some figures and it looks like i can throw my knifes away, or at least use them for something else. After 30 minutes of good use on some miniatures i must say this is a must-have for anyone with a budget and some badly casted models 🙂
On to the undercoating and painting of those Irish bastards!

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