20th Maine to the front! 3

  Finally! My first 100% completed ACW 28mm regiment! Remember when i said that i still needed to flag and base all my figures? It’s an ongoing process at the moment…
  Part of V Corps, Army of the Potomac. These guys became famous during the Battle of Gettysburg, defending Little Round Top and finally charging down the hill almost destroying the 15th Alabama. Col. Joshua L. Chamberlain became famous after the charge. Historians are still arguing whether he ordered the charge not.
  Anyway, here are some pictures of the entire completed regiment. I’m not to happy with the flags to be honest, you can see some parts of the flag not being glued well together. If somebody has some tips how to do this properly, let me know! Otherwise, all in all, i’m pretty proud of myself. Never tought that i could paint like this…


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  • MiniMike

    Congrats on your first regiment. Looks very good. If you use the commercially available flags I have some tips you can try. Don't cut the flags around the edges but leave some space (I leave some at the long end). I see you have Houtlijm on your desk, thin it a bit with water and brush it on one side. Apply around the standard and press it together. Swipe towards the outside so you don't get it on your flag. Now cut to the right size and bend the flag using a thin round pencil or something while the flag is still bendable. Or just crush it for a complete random effect 🙂

  • Davy

    Thanks MiniMike! I will try that when i finish my 5th NY'ers, should be in a couple of days. To be honest, i learned alot from your Blog, especially the basing of my figures 😉 Thanks for that!