Battle Report #1: Battle of Cape Matapan

I had the rulebook in my closet for a long time… yesterday we played our first game using these rules. We kept it simple by using only ships and no aircraft. We didn’t use the advanced rules. Well… to be honest… i liked Axis & Allies War at Sea but this is just … waaay better. We used A&A mini’s which are at a scale of 1/1800th. We really should decide if we go with the Skytrex 1/3000th mini’s or go with GHQ’s fantastically detailed 1/2400th scale.

  The scenario we chose was a part of the greater Battle of Cape Matapan. 4 Royal Navy light cruisers against 3 cruisers and 1 Battleship from the Italian Navy. I was playing with the Royal Navy. Things looked very dark for me. My objective was to hold on for 8 turns without losing a ship. Silly me, i turned around and started targeting the Battleship.
  HMS Orion was annihilated in a single short range salvo from the Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto while my other cruisers got beaten up by the Italian cruisers. I was unable to damage any cruisers thanks to some bad throwing and all my guns having the ‘weak’ penalty.

  I was able to damage the Veneto but lost 2 of my cruisers in the process. HMS Perth got in close for torpedoes and was able to damage the Italian cruisers Bolzano almost crippling it, but being surrounded by 2 cruisers from the Italian Navy i didn’t stand a chance.

  HMS Perth surrendered and we considered it to be a crushing victory for the Regia Marina!
  What have we learned from this game? Well, it’s a fun game, the rules are great so far. We need to buy new models. We need a bigger table. And of course, should we buy the rulebook ‘Age of Dreadnoughts‘ too? Oh yeah, i forgot, things I should remember for the next time; Italy had some evil cruisers during World War II. Lucky for us their High Command wasn’t of the quality they should’ve been…

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