That d*mned Black Hat brigade! 4

…1863, sometime before Gettysburg. Most of them are wearing their gaiters for the last time. All of them are to gain eternal glory for what they did on that field in 1863. They lost 77% of their men on that 1st July.
Finally finished, my 2nd Wisconsin. Like written above, they all have their Sack Coats & gaiters. By the time around the battle of Gettysburg they didn’t have look-a-like uniforms like in the picture. Some wore their Gaiters, some wearing Sack Coats and some Frock Coats but they all wore the Hardee Hat proudly. The Confederates all yelled out when confronted by this Brigade; “That d*mned Black Hat brigade!”
I was thinking of representing this regiment more like a mixed regiment with all kinds of uniforms in it. It should show the diversity of the Iron Brigade’s uniform around 1863 but hearing all kinds of delivery-problems with Redoubt Enterprises, and of course the bad moulds, I have skipped that tought. The ‘Bad mould problem’ should be fixed by now, at least that’s what they are claiming on TMP.
I like the look of these soldiers so much that i’m trying to find a decent reproduction Hardee Hat on the net. If anybody has some tips about this, with some decent shippping costs to Europe, let me know!
On to some pictures, I hope you like them, I do 😉

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  • afilter

    As a son of the Iron Brigade I have to say they look nice.

    Gaiters would have been pretty sparse (25% or less) by Gettysburg as the soldiers despised them. Frock coats would have still been in the majority as the regiment was reissued about the same time as they received the sky blue trousers.

    Unfortunately no one makes an Iron Brigade figure with the weapons on the left shoulder. Unlike the majority of the Army that used Hardees tactics the Iron Brigade used Scott's manual of Arms. this is why the hat when pinned up is pinned on the left as you have it pictured above.

    S&S makes the best Hardee hat IMO for weight and feel, but requires some customization to make it truly authentic (stiching around the brim, label inside and proper red leather band). I still have two at home from my service with Co F 2nd WI (Bell City Rifles) as a living historian. one is in full dress and the other has more of a field look.

    They figures still have the look and feel of Iron Brigade….Nice work!

  • Javed

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