Winfield Scott Hancock

“No other Union general at Gettysburg dominated men by the sheer force of their presence more completely than Hancock.”

We’re almost there.

My commanding officer is done, Winfield Scott Hancock. One of my favorite, if you can call it that, Generals of the Union Army. One that didn’t screw up like the ones commanding him. He played a big roll in the Battle of Gettysburg, holding the centre…
You can read alot about him on Wikipedia .
Also done are my casualty markers, later this week i’ll post some pics, and 1 of my 12-pdr Napoleon’s. Only 1 of those 12-pdr’s to go and i’m finished for our first battle. It’s gonna be awesome, i’m so looking forward to it!
Still have alot of work to do; need to read trough the Black Powder rulebook, paint some snake-fences and base some trees. I’ll have to decide with my gaming buddy on the table-size. He has some nice 50x50cm tiles perfect for 28mm games. I think 200×150 should do the trick. The gaming setup will be 4 large infantry regiments, 1 cavalry regiment, 1 Commander & 2 guns.
On a personal note, got a dentist appointement next week, i’m so NOT looking forward to that!

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