Stug III’s ready for battle! 4

Phew!! Finally finished these guys. Actually, not 100%, one still needs the commander in the copula but i consider them done.
I tried all kinds of techniques and stuff on these tanks. Maybe a little too much. They all look very battle-worn, maybe a little too much battle-worn πŸ™‚ Also, i had my time with Vallejo Model Air. It’s all going in the bin! I’m switching to Tamiya. I had good (compared to Vallejo Model Air; excellent) results with those paints so i’m switching and not looking back. The only thing i need now are some empty dropper bottles with some ready-made-mixes of Tamiya paints with thinner. Maybe i can empty some of those droppers from Vallejo πŸ˜‰

Mixed in with the Assault Guns are my first SS-Panzergrenadier figures. The Company HQ with Panzershreck option. I painted some figures from the Pak40 gun crew that i mistook for the Panzershreck loaders. Damn, those Pak40 shells looked big compared to the Panzershreck’s shell :-). The second team is coming with the first infantry, which i’m gonna paint next.

This Saturday we are gonna pay a visit to Re-action 2012. A wargaming convention in MΓΆnchengladbach, Germany. It’s small but very nice. Good atmosphere thanks to the location. A British military base better known as JHQ Rheindalen. Check out the link!

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4 Gedachten over “Stug III’s ready for battle!

  • Braxen

    Very nicely painted, completely inspirational. Indeed having a camo that works for both fronts is big plus.

    Why is that you do not like Vallejo's air model paints? Could you elaborate of Tamiya's?

    My understanding is that they need a special solvent and painting over with Vallejo acrylics doesn't work all that well.

    Added to my blog list, of course!

  • Davy

    It's constantly clogs my airbrush no matter what the pressure is, i got a tip on the FoW boards saying i have to add Airbrush cleaner to the paint so i'm gonna try that.

    Tamiya needs about 25% thinning if i remember correctly and your good to go. Sprayed camo on a tiger once w/ tamiya, just normal striped camo and i don't remember clogging one time, turned out very well. I only tried VMA paints cause i followed a specific painting guide…

    thanks for adding me to your blog list! πŸ˜‰ your blog is a great inspiration for me, i'm so liking those jagdpanzer IV's! This saturday i will buy some…

  • Dan

    Those stugs look awesome! I noticed you painted your stugs first and then glued on the schurzen – will super glue hold over finished paint? I'm just wondering – I have some work in progress stugs at the moment and want to paint first to get inside the wheels in the hull/suspension area before gluing the schurzen on but wasn't sure if the super glue would hold over the paint and primer.