Re-Action 2012. Part 1 1

Yesterday was fun. We went to the Action 2012 Wargaming Convention @ Rheindalen, Germany and we returned with lots of goodies.
A 90-minute drive and a wrong exit (I hate GPS-devices; I prefer the “put the road-map on the hood and start looking” way like any decent commander would do) and we arrived at the checkpoint where I had to open the trunk and the hood for inspection. After some directions from the bloke at the checkpoint we headed for the registration-office to get our car-pass. After that, it was on to the convention!
Lots of tables, though not as nice as the previous year tbh. Some good traders and a very nice, relaxed atmosphere! We hope this convention continues in the next year but future is looking grim as the Military Base is almost certain to close in the following years.
Part of my Flames of War treasure hunt; A Jagdpanther Platoon, Ernst Barkmann and my next Flames of War project; A British Airborne Company!
I was also looking for some Hetzers but at 10€ a piece i quickly restrained myself from buying. Either Maelstrom Games is getting my money or I’ll try the Forged in Battle ones. Only thing that’s holding me back is the bases on those. Maybe try trimming them is an option…
Next post will be about some other purchases i did over there… can’t wait to paint those up!

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