Jaarlijkse archieven: 2016

Our wargaming club ‘The Wargaming Monkeys’ hosted a small gaming convention called ‘Wargaming for life’. The goal was to raise money for the Kinderkankerfonds, this is a Belgian organisation wich helps children who suffer from cancer. Various Belgian wargaming clubs attended the convention and collected money for this charity. Thomas […]

Wargaming for life @ Winksele

Work in progress This Archaon on foot conversion will be my Darklands Norse Skipari: An awesome Blood Rage Berserker model: And I also started working on the fantastic Mierce miniatures Jotünn, he is an absolute joy to paint!

Work in progress

Darklands madness! Part II We’ve played a big multiplayer battle on tuesday and a 1vs1 on saturday. Krikke is writing a battle report about saturday’s game. Here are some random pictures of the battles: Tho’s Norse deploy for battle: Vore, the Maw beast eats some Ysian drunes: Druc does what […]

Darklands madness! Part II

Darklands madness! Part I Darklands is getting a firm grip on our gaming club. Everyone is making army lists, studying the rulebook and thinking about wich tactics to use: Bulens: Painting and collecting Khthones Gorgonar realm Davve:  Painting and collecting Brythoniaid Krikke:  Painting and collecting Ysians, Fomoraic and Byzantii Tho: […]

Darklands madness! Part I