First test figure for a Black Powder British Waterloo Army. I’m using Vallejo Colours, Dark Tone Army Painter and after W&N Galeria Matt Varnish some highlighting with Vallejo colours again. 5th Division, 9th Brigade under Major General Sir Dennis Pack -> 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment of Foot (The Royal Scots) […]

Waterloo, Part 1

This is not a tale of a lone sharpshooter, this is just to show what happens when one gets tired of waiting for some new paints to arrive and when one gets bored of painting SS Oak Leaf uniforms… I was really fed up with painting those little 15mm guys […]

A lone Sharpshooter…

Yesterday was fun. We went to the Action 2012 Wargaming Convention @ Rheindalen, Germany and we returned with lots of goodies. A 90-minute drive and a wrong exit (I hate GPS-devices; I prefer the “put the road-map on the hood and start looking” way like any decent commander would do) […]

Re-Action 2012. Part 1

Phew!! Finally finished these guys. Actually, not 100%, one still needs the commander in the copula but i consider them done. I tried all kinds of techniques and stuff on these tanks. Maybe a little too much. They all look very battle-worn, maybe a little too much battle-worn 🙂 Also, […]

Stug III’s ready for battle!

Finished my first Stug III a couple of days ago. I considered it “a tester” for the rest of the platoon. I think it turned out rather nice. It’s painted for the West-front around ’44. I tried to give it a battle-worn look which in the end, also turned out […]

Stug III Platoon

Like i promised, pictures of my Panthers… I worked about a week on these, using Tom Wise’s Painting Guide i had no trouble finding the correct colors. Only difference is that after painting and varnishing i used some MIG-washes.  Painted as 5th SS Wiking in Poland 1944. I’m gonna use […]

Panzer Marsch!

It’s been a while since my last post. Alot of stuff going on… My ACW is finished for the time being. Flames of War version 3 is out and we had our second Battledays @ Winxel. Normally we had to play our first game of ACW but due to circumstances […]

Bring out the guns!

In glades they meet skull after skullWhere pine cones lay – the rusted gun,Green shoes full of bones, the mouldering coatAnd cuddled up skeleton;And scores of such. Some start as in dreams,And comrades lost bemoan;By the edge of those wilds Stonewall had charged-But the year and the Man were gone. […]

Black Powder ACW Casualty Markers

“No other Union general at Gettysburg dominated men by the sheer force of their presence more completely than Hancock.” We’re almost there. My commanding officer is done, Winfield Scott Hancock. One of my favorite, if you can call it that, Generals of the Union Army. One that didn’t screw up […]

Winfield Scott Hancock