Battle Report

SAGA Ostrogoths vs Vikings Mission : Around the camp fire Both armies had been drinking, maybe too much... The men start to celebrate the victory when the time came to divide the spoils..... Both armies deploy and are ready for a bloody combat !!! Dentoric, a famous Goth war chief […]

SAGA Ostrogoths vs Vikings

It’s a cold morning when Ulric hears the sound of the hooves of galloping steeds. The towering blacksmith reaches for his warhammer and goes outside to have a look. A band of Hunnic tribesmen, intend on looting , advances at a rapid pace towards the small village. Suddenly a deafening […]

Playing Saga: Hunnic invasion!

Our wargaming club ‘The Wargaming Monkeys’ hosted a small gaming convention called ‘Wargaming for life’. The goal was to raise money for the Kinderkankerfonds, this is a Belgian organisation wich helps children who suffer from cancer. Various Belgian wargaming clubs attended the convention and collected money for this charity. Thomas […]

Wargaming for life @ Winksele

Darklands madness! Part II We’ve played a big multiplayer battle on tuesday and a 1vs1 on saturday. Krikke is writing a battle report about saturday’s game. Here are some random pictures of the battles: Tho’s Norse deploy for battle: Vore, the Maw beast eats some Ysian drunes: Druc does what […]

Darklands madness! Part II